A film by Christina Acevedo and Kyle Patrick Roberts Starring Ariel Leon-Coeur

Vex Ruffin - Front

From the album Conveyor. Directed by Geneva Jacuzzi. http://stonesthrow.com/vexruffin

Nite Jewel - 2 Good 2 Be True (Official Video)

2 Good 2 Be True by Nite Jewel Director: Geneva Jacuzzi Cinematographer: Christina Acevedo Editor: Geneva Jacuzzi PA: Leo García Styling: Nite Jewel & Geneva Jacuzzi Nail Art: Violet Davis/Oracle Nails Starring: Nite Jewel and Anna Barie as "Death"

Hand Habits - Demand It

From the new album Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) Director / Cinematographer: Christina Acevedo Styling: Olivia Burr Masked Figures: Olivia Burr, Emily Sando-Brown, Cleo Tucker Masks: Christina Acevedo

ok drown

wild eyes

Visuals for Underground Purple

Visuals created for Underground Purple video installation // Mango Trice performance Curated by Nathaly Charria

Bad TV

Part of the MATALA video installation at Superchief Gallery in LA 2016

Gurl Crush - Satellite

Welcome To My Church

#LIVINGROOMTODAY @ China Chalet NYC 2015


Starring Andrew Callahan and Elizabeth Whitcomb Created for an MFA at Cal Arts Gallery Opening Night

Dark Sister - Goatse

Directed by Dark Sister Produced by Christina Acevedo Cinematography and Editing by William Colby Featuring Alyssa Kempinski


Agatha Gone

Women Manifest Film Festival West Hollywood City Council Chambers 2016

Forsaken: #1: Ghost of the woman she once was

#1 of Forsaken, a series

Forsaken: #2: DIANE


music by ȘteelRain https://soundcloud.com/steelrainsteelrain

Forsaken: #3: MARION


video camera work by georgette ciukurescu (1996) music by ȘteelRain https://soundcloud.com/steelrainsteelrain

no lost witches fall 2011 video look book

Music by Arc Light http://arclight1.bandcamp.com/ T-shirts by no lost witches www.nolostwitches.com Actress: Alyssa Kempinski http://www.alyssakempinski.com/

Police Academy 6 (featuring Raw Moans) - The Chills

Official music video for "The Chills" from the Police Academy 6 Album, "Police Academy 6". Director: Christina Acevedo Cinematographer: Andrei Bowden Schwartz Actress: Alyssa Kempinski Wardrobe: Emma Huser Editor: William Colby

Lost Waze

Director Christina Acevedo Producer Alyssa Achuff Director of Photography Andrei Bowden Schwartz Editor Dan Cerruti Music I††

Wild Idle

Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner Selection 2011 ///// Institute of contemporary Art Open Video Call in Philadelphia 2011