AWMA Commercial Featuring Shahin Jahanvash

AWMA Commercial Featuring Kieran Tamondong

Asian World of Martial Arts Commercial Featuring Shahin Jahanvash

Special Thanks to: The Jahanvash Family Red Dragon Karate Diamond Bar Directed by Henry Kaplin

AWMA Commercial for ProForce featuring Kieran Tamondong

Special thanks to: Michael Philip Sensei Randy Word The Tamondong family Rising Sun Karate West Coast JAM Directed by Henry Kaplan

ProForce by AWMA Commercial

Featuring Elhadji Ndour

Kieran Tamondong

Profile of US Open Under 13 Forms Champion Kieran Tamondong.

Asian World of Martial Arts with Destiny Vergara

#youarelegend Destiny Vergara is wearing the ProForce® Gi, Belt and Lightning Gloves. All products plus more martial arts equipment can be found at


AWMA Commercial, You Are Legend Promo 30 sec Writer / Director Miguel Parga Camera work, Nick Snow Make up and wardrobe, Christina Yim Actress, Kaitlin Marie De Santis

YOU ARE LEGEND : Destiny Vergara - An interview with the martial artist

I AM LEGEND : Destiny Vergara - An interview with the martial artist In this documentary Destiny talks about practicing martial arts, how she got started and how it fits into her life. We were so thankful to be able to talk with her Sensei Kai Leung of Shotojuku Dojo in Queen, NY.